The following research papers are provided to you by our Director, Sylla Sheppard Hanger. In her long career she has worked extensively both personally and professionally on treating and supporting the health under circumstances such as breast cancer to emotional and mental instability.

  • Use Of Essential Oils and Natural Extracts to Help Counter Side Effects of Radiation During Cancer Treatment

    Aromatherapy can be used as an effective complimentary treatment during radiation therapy. The medical community considers side effects such as burning and irritation of the skin tissue relatively minor discomforts. For the patient receiving treatment, these above effects are an additional burden, which can be both uncomfortable and unpleasant. The sensations of improved comfort and well-being are achievable through the inhalation and application of essential oils and other natural extracts. This paper presents the author’s firsthand experience of the methods and describes the ingredients used to aid her process of recovery from breast cancer treatment.
  • The Ravensara Dilemma

    A comparison study of the taxonomy, chemical constituents, safety and an aromatherapy market survey of essential oils from the plants: Ravensara aromatica, Ravensara anisata, Cinnamomum camphora. By Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, for An International Training Program in Essential Oils: Advanced Studies, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. 1997