Aromatherapy Practitioner Course

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Aromatherapy Practitioner Course

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This is a detailed course for self-study in Aromatherapy with over 500 fully referenced pages of text. It is designed to be taken at the students own pace over a period of three to six months. Although geared towards professional medical health care providers (health care practitioners, doctors, chiropractors, aestheticians, nurses, massage therapists, etc.), the course is easily assimilated by business owners, student beginners or the lay-person who simply desires a better quality of life by using natures fragrances. This course is considered the most well-referenced, wide-ranging, comprehensive and detailed course available, and stands alone in the marketplace.



Options can include the Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual 

Course: $895.00

Course with Manual $995.00 (save $25)

Course with Practitioner Module: $1150.00 (save $50)

Course, Practitioner Module and manual $1250 (save $75)

Check out the Aromatherapy Practitioner Training Program for the most comprehensive approach to creating a aromatherapy practice.

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