Harmonizing the Spirit Class Lunch Order Form

Class will have an hour for lunch and students can choose to bring lunch, dine locally or place an order below.

We've asked Kaleisia Tea Lounge to help provide us food for this class. We are offering a limited menu below. Students can choose two options.


$10 - Tea + Dish

Receive a 16oz cup of Tea plus a choice of Veggini, Pumpkin Soup, and Tuna Salad

$15 Tea + Dish UPGRADE

Receive a 16oz cup of Tea, Spring Roll (2), and Vegan Cupcake, plus a choice of Veggini, Panini, Pumpkin Soup, or Wild Tuna Salad


Teas to choose from are Long Island Strawberry Green Tea, Almond Biscotti Black or Pumpkin Rooibos. They will be served either hot or iced and lightly sweetened by default unless otherwise noted.

Orders need to be placed by 5pm on Friday, October 16th.

Place Order Below

Name *
Choose from one of the options below. Visit http://www.thetealounge.com/food-drinks-menu/ for descriptions. NOTE: Panini is only available with upgrade option.
Receive 16oz tea served either hot or iced. All tea will be lightly sweet unless otherwise noted.
Tea will be served lightly sweetened with simple syrup by default. If you'd like a different option below, choose below.
Upgrade Option +$5
You can upgrade your order to include an appetizer of 2 Spring Rolls, additional choice of Main Dish Item, and a Vegan Cupcake for dessert.
Order Date *
Let us know what date you'd like this order for. You can choose to order for only one day or both. If you'd like a different order each day, just submit a separate order for each day.