Amazing what research can do!

recently a mom shared this on a group and it goes to show what the right oil, or in this case the wrong oil can do in spite of what we think it does. a fine example of what we think works for one may work for all. and reinforces our work with children in the PARP studies (see paper on shop free download) that there is NO magic bullet for mental issues including ADHD, epilepsy and other issues. 

I just wanted to share with you all just how important it is to research EOs before using them...especially on children. I'm a huge researcher, but even I missed this. My 7 yr old has epilepsy and it originates in his frontal lobe so, of course, ADHD comes with the territory. It's been difficult, so I started researching "EOs for ADHD". I only paid attention to the homemade blends that used oils that I knew were safe "in general" for a child his age. A little over a month ago, I tried a blend with Vetiver, Lavender, and an MLM blend that had just a few other oils in it that were not contraindicated for children his age. By day 3, he was like a different child and it was not in a good way! He was wired, disrespectful, hitting his baby brother, and extremely restless. I posted here for help and someone mentioned how children with ADHD could have opposite effects with the oils meant to calm the body. it made sense to me b/c he has an opposite effect with Benedryl. So I stopped using the blend and my sweetheart returned. I still needed to figure out a way to help him to focus and not be so impulsive, though, so I tried a different blend with only 3 single oils: Cedarwood (2 drops), Frankincense (1 drop), and Lavender (2 drops). I put this in a teaspoon of unscented lotion and massage it into his back (whatever's left on my hands I rub on his feet just b/c he likes a foot massage). I started this on Friday. By Monday (day 3), he was out.of.control. He even pretty much told me he hates me and my son has NEVER said that to me a day in his life. I was keeping a behavior log so I knew it was the oils. And the one oil both blends had in common was lavender. So, the researcher that I am, I searched high and low until I found out why Lavender oil would change my child's personality so much. I found this:


For those with epilepsy, be aware that several essential oils may trigger an epileptic seizure and these could include lavender, fennel and rosemary."

Now, I never stop at one source. I searched more and actually, the type of lavender in question is "SPIKE Lavender". Some sources credit regular Lavender as an oil that calms epilepsy. However, knowing that epilepsy presents itself in different areas of the brain, it should be expected that each situation will have different reactions. This information is enough for me to avoid ANY type of Lavender oil on or around my son permanently. It's not safe for him. I stopped using it yesterday, but it's still affecting him today. He is so restless, it's unreal. However, I'm glad I know WHY he's had such a terrible few days. And why he would tell his momma that he hates her. 


Just wanted to update you all on how he's doing after I stopped using Lavender on (and around) him. The last day we used it was Tuesday. Today, he is back to my sweet little boy and it's obvious that he has a very clear mind now. He even told me that he feels like "a new boy" and that he knows how to make better choices. He was able to complete over 2 hours of school review worksheets in just an hours bc he was just that focused. It's crazy to see just how that one oil had such a negative effect on him. I know it's not a common reaction, but it is obviously his reaction and I'm glad to have the sense enough to know that not all oils work the same for every individual. "