Aromatic Mind Book
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This manual is intended as a supplement to mental health practice or for anyone wishing to use aromatics for mental health pursuits. It presents guidelines to help therapists begin exploring the world of aromatherapy in their practice, or to open up the need to refer clients to licensed bodywork professionals.

The book is organized so that you may stroll through from the beginning to get the entire picture or go directly to the treatments in Chapter 5. In the beginning, the modality of Aromatherapy is explained, including brief synopsis and current regulations. Chapters 2 and 3 cover essential oils and how to obtain them, and how aromatherapy works on the mind. Chapter 4 considers aromatherapy in a mental health practice and looks at individual, family and group treatments. Chapter 6 covers environmental fragrance to enhance the therapeutic experience or create a mood. Blending treatment synergies occupy Chapter 7. Finally, Chapter 8 gives a thorough explanation of safety and contraindications. The chapter on resources offers books for further reading and supply sources.

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