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Harmonizing the Spirit: Five Element Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Acupoint Massage for Psychological Conditions

  • Wingate by Wyndham 3751 E Fowler Ave Tampa, FL, 33612 United States (map)

With Gabriel Mojay, LicAc, CertEd, FIFPA

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In this 2-day seminar, Gabriel Mojay addresses the aromatic and acupressure treatment of clients with a range of common psychological health conditions through the synergistic benefits of essential oils and acupoint massage.

This class is Approved for 12 CEUs for Florida Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists and 12 PDA Points for NCCAOM (Acupuncturists). 

As a firm foundation, he shares with participants an intuitive yet practical framework of mental-emotional health assessment based on the time-honored theory of the Oriental Five Elements. Classifying conditions according to disharmonies of the Mind (Earth), Heart (Fire), Soul (Wood), Will (Water) and Vital Spirit (Metal), Gabriel provides practitioners with a basic TCM-diagnostic approach that both encompasses and transcends medical diagnoses such as clinical depression and generalised anxiety disorder.

Gabriel applies this approach to aromatherapy by considering the fragrance dynamics, traditional therapeutics and primary research evidence associated with a number of major essential oils and their aromatic plants, elucidating their psychological properties and uses in a way that links mind and body, science and energetics.

For example, the pungent-herbaceous fragrance energy of essential oil of Rosmarinus officinalis ct. camphor reflects its ability to tonify the Qi-energy of the bodymind, and especially of the Heart and Shen (consciousness). This in turn is borne out by the essential oil’s evidence-based capacity for enhancing cognition and mood, and for countering memory decline and depression.

Massaging appropriately diluted rosemary essential oil along the Heart Meridian, and into Acupoint Heart-5 (Tongli) in particular, amplifies the oil’s neurocardiac stimulant-restorative effect. As part of the seminar, Gabriel introduces participants to the use of acupoint massage and his Aromatic Acupressure technique; and for each essential oil studied, explores the location and treatment of a major acupoint with which it shares key synergistic actions.

Join us for this seminar to deepen your knowledge of the benefits and uses of essential oils in clinical practice; to empower your practice through incoporating simple yet effective therapeutic tools from Oriental medicine; and to gain a more profound holistic insight into psychological disharmonies and their aromatic alleviation.


The Oriental Five Elements: their associated seasons, Organs, Spirits (aspects of the psyche), root emotions and essential oil fragrance energies.

Yin and Yang: in Nature; physiological functions; psycho-energetic aspects of essential oils.

The energetic and evidence-based actions of a selection of major essential oils: a review of their main chemical constituents; safety considerations; pharmacological activties; fragrance energetics; TCM energetic actions and indications; correlated acupoints for combined Aromatic Acupressure use.

Essential oil acupoint massage: the location, actions, indications and treatment of a selection of major acupoints; correlated essential oils for combined Aromatic Acupressure use.

Oriental-energetic psycho-aromatherapy: the Five Element/ Five Spirit assessement and classification of common psychological complaints including chronic nervous tension, mental and emotional anxiety, and depressive disorders; their holistic intervention through essential oil therapeutics and aromatic acupoint massage; working with case study examples.

Gabriel Mojay first studied natural medicine in 1978, initially training in Shiatsu Therapy and Oriental Medicine. He later became a registered member of the Shiatsu Society. In 1988 he completed four years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and became a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Gabriel has completed courses in scientific Aromatherapy with Piérre Franchomme and Dr. Daniel Pénöel and with the Natural Oils Research Association (President: Professor Dietrich Wabner). In his private practice, Gabriel specializes in the therapeutic use of essential oils, Western herbal medicines, and Aromatic Acupressure and Meridian Massage. Since 1990 he has been Principal of the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy (ITHMA), London.

In 1990, Gabriel founded the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists, and was the first Chairman of the Aromatherapy Organisations Council (AOC). In 1992 he organized an AOC conference entitled Essential Oils and Public Safety, at which experts on toxicology and the essential oil industry addressed issues of essential oil safety. The conference paved the way for the formation of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC).

Gabriel was instrumental in the formation of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) in April 2002, and has served as its founding Vice-Chairman, Publications Chair and Conference Chair. In 2005 he was awarded Fellowship of IFPA.

Gabriel has given lecture presentations at international conferences hosted by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (UK), the Tisserand Institute (UK), the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, the British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (USA), the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (USA), the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (USA), the Czech Association of Aromatherapists, and the Essential Oil Resource Consultants (France). He has also given seminars in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland and Mexico.

Gabriel is co-author of Shiatsu ~ the complete guide, and of Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit. The latter book outlines a systematic approach to utilizing the psychological benefits of essential oils according to the body-mind relationships of Oriental Medicine, and has been translated into several different languages.

Gabriel has contributed articles to leading Aromatherapy and natural health journals including the International Journal of Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Quarterly (UK), Positive Health (UK), the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal (USA), Aromatic Thymes (USA), Aromatopia (Japan) and the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (France). He was founding Co-Editor of IFPA’s professional journal, In Essence, and is currently Associate Editor of the International Journal of Clincal Aromatherapy (IJCA).