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The Energetics of Essential Oils: Practical Application in Treatment

Explore the Energetic Uses of Essential Oils to Boost Your Practice! 

With Peter Holmes, L.Ac, M.H.

With over thirty years of using botanical remedies and essential oils in clinical practice,  Peter, a Master Herbalist, brings a wealth of knowledge and application, that will uplift the holistic conversation and take us to a deeper understanding of aromatherapy.

In this unique workshop you will discover ...

  * A fresh, dynamic experiential approach to using essential oils for treatment based on integrated energetic principles - and the reasons why this approach works

  * The Five Energetic Movements of essential oils and their therapeutic applications

  * The Six Fragrance Qualities of essential oils: the dance of energetics, pharmacology neuroendocrine dynamics

  * How to perform the clinically valuable Six-Condition assessment on a new client

  * The specific energetic functions and indications of over 25 major essential oils 


Fabulous beach location - exploring the energetics of essential oils, elevating the conversation and applying the practical aspects that the essential oils have to offer us!   

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