Sylla Recognized for Outstanding Contributions

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At the Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference this past August, many friends and colleagues had the pleasure of seeing Sylla win win this year's Outstanding Contributions Award.

Thanks to our student's idea, we managed to get it on video. Check out our Facebook Live Video and see what it was like to be in the room during Sylla's second most happiest moment of her life. You'll also learn what her most happiest moment has been.

Here is Sylla's response:

I finally feel seen. I have worked 40 years in this field and accomplished a lot, and I feel like for the first time my story was told and I was honored for my efforts. When I started teaching long ago it was my dream to make a difference in the world of aromatherapy. As I went along and created Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, I had more ideas, wrote a book, hooked up with safety experts, went to Purdue and France chasing my dream and teaching others along the way.  After 9/11, I was moved to act, the UAE, Inc. formed organically and was supported by the community. Now the organization has been reinstated for the future generations!

Getting the award and listening to the 11 mins of accomplishments was like a dream come true, I amazed myself(!) and felt completely recognized for the first time ever in my aroma career. 

Watching the video later I realized there was this slideshow playing behind me, little did I know the care that Lora Cantele took to make the presentation. As the conference went on I learned how much some wanted me to win this, and how much they felt I deserved it long ago. I also learned that many did not even know all I have done in my 40 years.

I feel completely seen and heard for the first time. With this honor, I feel that I leave a good legacy and hope to inspire others. I am so glad I was alive to say this!

I have never felt so loved, honored and appreciated, in my life. I lovingly accept all the recognition and feel like my cup is overflowing again.


Thank you everyone who voted for Sylla. We hope to see you at the next Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference in 2019!

Special THANK YOU to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists for allowing us to share these pictures.