Positive Benefits Of Essential Oils

Do you have a positive aromatherapy experience? Share it with us!

We will soon be asking everyone to submit their beneficial experiences with aromatherapy along with their adverse reactions. We're calling this the Positive Benefits Form, which will be added to our website shortly, and we're doing this to provide a more balanced look at the use of essential oils.

It was recently called to our attention that our attempt to educate on the dangers of aromatherapy might be dissuading new aromatherapy users. That's the last thing we want--we at the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy are just passionate about encouraging safe essential oil use, especially with the meteoric rise in unsafe practices.

But, as an educational institute with nearly a century of combined experience in aromatherapy, we also love essential oils! And we want you to love them, and to experience the benefits in a safe and healthy way. We will continue to run our Injury Reports, but by listing all of the wonderful success stories, as well, we can find balance. Yin and Yang!

So until we've added the Positive Benefits Form to our website, let's list some good things about oils in the comments section. What are some of your best stories?

My best story is using aromatherapy and essential oils during surgical treatment when my doctors removed a breast cancer tumor and lymph gland tissue. I also used oils afterward for radiation treatments that lasted six weeks. According to my doctor, I had the best kind of cancer; enough to change my life but not enough to kill me. I used oils and natural products during my two surgeries, and more so during the radiation when I was experiencing burn and irritation. Then I continued my use afterwards to counter the lingering mental effects!

I'll soon be posting a blog that goes more in-depth into my experiences with breast cancer and aromatherapy, but now let's talk about your experiences. What is your best aromatherapy or essential oil success story?