Starting Somewhere

I've sat in my mom's aromatherapy classes throughout my life. First as a child, when I tagged along as a "helper." Then, as a newly licensed massage therapist encountering her class as a student for the first time; and most recently as an instructor, teaching classes myself.

One thing I've noticed is that mom is always encouraging the students to go out and teach an introductory class themselves. She'd say, "The best thing you can do once you leave this class is to go out and teach a class yourself. Just an easy, one-hour class for your friends and community. That's when you will really learn how much you know. And it will give you ideas on what else you can learn."

Each class brings different energies and experience levels and I love the exercise of facilitating the education of the group while also also addressing each person's specific needs. After our first year of teaching together, I have already explained the three main topics we focus on in the Intro class (what is aromatherapy, what is essential oils, how do they work and how to we use them) so many times that the right words and phrases roll of my tongue with little effort. I'm thrilled to share this platform with my mom, and she still chimes in for deeper explanations when needed. Then I get to learn more!

Sometimes when students gain a bunch of knowledge about essential oils, they will still feel like they don't know where to start. We know from experience that you simply just start where you are. 

You begin. 

For some that means talking to their friends and family about what they learned, others it may be choosing one oil each day to use and discover, for others it is mixing an aromatherapy blend for their next massage. Whatever it is, you begin where you are…as I am doing right now. 

This is my first blog with the Atlantic Institute. I hope you enjoyed! I'm grateful I have begun. : )