Spring Blend Recipe and Reflection

In celebration of the Spring Equinox and our new virtual home, we wanted to bring you an inspirational spring-time blend.

Robbi Zeck says that Vetiver provides assurance and grounding; Petitgrain awakens that which is no longer stifled, and Mandarin brings the peace of composure for moving us forward.

This blend represents the support of earth with the smell of freshly turned garden dirt and roots (Vetiver), the leafy greenness of new growth (Petitgrain) opens us to start a new journey, and the soft, sweet scent of fruit (Mandarin) reminding us that rewards do come from our past year's growth. This is what spring shows: out of the darkness of the earth, new life emerges.

Use this blend to help pave the way for a new emergence in your life. What will your growth look like in the next year? 

Dilute 2.5% (15 drops of your blend in 1 oz. of carrier oil) for a blend for face and body. Great for a transformative massage session or an anointing oil after a shower. You can also diffuse it in the environment to really get spring in the air.

While using this blend, simply repeat this affirmation:

I am supported and protected as I emerge into my new life.

We wanted to use Mandarin because it is not phototoxic like other some citrus oils, but alternatives could be sweet orange (C. sinensis), grapefruit (C. paridisi),  or even Neroli (C. aurantium). If you don't have Vetiver, find another oil with a grounding/earthy quality, patchouli (P. cablin) comes to mind. Share with us in the comments on what your variations are. Don't take our recipe too seriously, you can totally make up your own. We want to hear from you and what you are blending for Spring. 

Happy Spring!