What IS an adverse effect of essential oils?

In normal use, aromatherapy is safe and effective for many conditions, and a pleasant way to create a healthy atmosphere. However, accidents can happen, especially when people follow bad advice on the internet. Technically, an adverse effect is any reaction to oils that was unintentional. 

Consider the following situations: 

  •  A child grabs and licks the pipette of wintergreen being used in a bath bomb demo at an elementary school because it smells just like candy.
  • A woman gets a call from the doctor saying her liver enzymes are alarmingly elevated. She can't imagine why, but she's been drinking peppermint daily in water and applying oregano neat on feet for over a year, which she was instructed to do by a video on the internet.
  • Another woman is still experiencing adverse health effects from a Raindrop Therapy session eight years ago, when someone dripped a massive amount of undiluted, known irritant oils onto her spine. 
  •  A man who drinks 2-6 drops of essential oils in every glass of water starts to get sores and burning on his tongue, lips and gums.
  • A woman has permanent esophageal damage from drinking oils daily because she was told to by a sales rep. 

These and more have already been reported to our Injury database. 

Read the graphic below for more information on adverse effects from using essential oils incorrectly: 

Also here is a great blog on the so called detox effect!