Aromatherapy and the Mind This May

May is Mental Health Month and we thought what better way to celebrate with new ways to to learn about aromatherapy and the mind.

In 2006, Sylla published the Aromatic Mind Book, for mental health practitioners to supplement their practice or for anyone wishing to use aromatics for mental health pursuits. 

Part of the inspiration for this book was Sylla's work on the PARP (Psychosensory Aromatherapy Research Project) study with her long-time colleague, Dr. Trevor Stokes. Trevor visited recently and we decided to start-off our "tea-time interview series" with Trevor. 

In this video, Trevor talks about how this project emerged, the methods they used, and how the principles of relaxation apply to both patients and therapists. 

We're learning now how to create and edit videos so it will be another few weeks before it is up but stay tuned!

Last, we are adding a new one-day class for students wishing to learn more about aromatherapy and the mind at the end of this month.

On May 31, 2014, join us for the first offering of Aromatherapy 102 :: Aromatherapy and the Mind. As with all of our day-long classes, lunch and materials are included (PLUS, receive a copy of the Aromatic Mind Book!) See our calendar for details.