Holiday Pepper Jelly with Essential Oils: Nostalgia Kicked Up!


Hot Pepper Jelly is another holiday favorite that was a local home made gift to my mom at the holidays; and she always had it on hand with creme cheese and ritz crackers. This year my daughter Nyssa gave me some locally made balsamic pepper jelly. I thought this would be a great time to continue exploring aromatic creations like my recent aromatic medicinal honeys

I decided to play with adding essential oils to see what may work best. 

First, I separated it into three samples and heated just slightly so it was easier to blend. 

Then,  I picked my three oils to add. The oils I chose were: sweet orange, lime and cinnamon bark (just for an extra kick). 

I added 1 drop each to 2oz sample. It is important to keep dilutions low, using only what is needed for effect. Believe me, these oils are pretty potent so you won't need much. And you are keeping it safe. 

The results:

Lime won out!

Orange had a "orange cleaner" overtone of limonene, and cinnamon was okay but not over refreshing lime with this pepper jelly with balsamic vinegar. Taste tested by my husband, we agreed lime wins!

To use I spread on cracker with cream cheese,  though you can use any soft cheese like brie also. Add it a croissant or use as a glaze on veggies or meats!

I plan to try some other oils with my strawberry basil jam and mango lime salsa, yum! Watch for those to come. 

We encourage you to support your local jelly vendors (found at most community markets). Or if you are more of the jelly making type, here are some links for Pepper Jelly. 

Hot Pepper Jelly on Pinterest

Super Easy Hot Pepper Jelly

Let us know how it works for you and which flavors and essential oils you like. Leave us a comment below!