It's not quackery, it's chemistry

I was recently accused of spreading around “quackery.”

It’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last. There are occasionally people who undercut the research I’ve done and the chemists and scientists I’ve worked with and say, “You believe in alternative medicine? You must be a quack.” It’s unfortunately a part of the package when you’re dealing with a relatively new and unregulated health industry, and it doesn't ruffle my feathers so much anymore.

But this particular critic accused me of something much worse: Promoting essential oils as a cure-all for cancer.

It’s true that I wrote a blog post on how essential oils helped me through one of the most trying times in my life—when I was diagnosed with Stage 1, non-aggressive breast cancer. But I never said that essential oils are a cure for cancer. In fact, I very much promote the idea of using essential oils as a complementary treatment alongside conventional treatment. I myself underwent a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. And I used essential oils to mitigate scarring, improve my mood and help ease the tenderness of my irradiated skin—all of which were the focus of that post.

It seems my critic unfortunately didn’t read the full blog before taking her stance against me. I respect her eagerness to protect cancer patients from unhelpful and dangerous "cure-all" treatments—I’ve been in a similar battle of my own, trying to make sure essential oils are used safely and responsibly. This is a good reminder that we must always search for the truth, and not simply make assumptions based on our opinions and beliefs.

As for the wider accusation of promoting “quackery” in general, I figured this was a good time to explain that it’s not quackery. It's real science that I've had the pleasure to study for 40 years and counting. For those of you interested in where I've studied and with whom, I keep a blog of my experiences here: Vintage Aromatherapist. And here you can find a list of my aromatherapy accomplishments. I'm always striving for more, but I think my achievements aren't too shabby so far!

During those 40 years, I worked with well-known and respected minds, including Martin Watt, Dr. Trevor Stokes, Dr. Robert Pappas and Tony Burfield, to name a few. This resulted in many papers and presentations, including the personal blog mentioned above, and it also culminated with the courses, books, and classes we offer today. Here is my bio, and here is my CV if anyone needs the long version. 

I'm truly passionate about illuminating the exciting and surprising truths of aromatherapy and essential oils, and about offering my hard-earned knowledge to my students.

So to those critics, I say: It's not quackery, it's chemistry!