Looking for an in-depth introduction to aromatherapy with hands-on instruction and personal guidance?

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The Aromatherapy Beginner’s Course is an in-depth introduction of the art and science of aromatherapy that includes live class and independent study. 

This 100-hour course is designed to provide basic competency in the history, botany, identification, organoleptics, chemistry, quality assessment, safety, usage, formulation, and therapeutics of essential oils and products containing them, as well as basic competency in essential oil-containing product creation techniques.

It is perfect for practitioners from a variety of fields to gain a solid foundation in how to use essential oils safely and effectively in their professional and home lives. 

    In your explorations you will discover:

    • 20 essential oils and get to know them intimately

    • 12 body systems, their functions, and major pathology as it applies to essential oils

    • How and why plants make these essential oils

    • How humans have learned to extract them

    • The integration of aromatherapy into herbal remedies

    • How aromatherapy works on the mind and how to use this for healing

    • How to use aromatherapy holistically for yourself and others

    • The fun and exciting world of essential oil chemistry!

    • How to make all kinds of aromatic creations (safely!)

    • Your creative expression in blending with aromatics

    • What it takes to be the best aromatherapist you can be

    But most importantly, you will discover:

    A deep well of knowledge within yourself that can open you to greater healing.

    Upon completion, you will be able to:

    • Present a working knowledge of how to use aromatic extracts for greater health and healing.
    • Clearly explain what essential oils are, how they work, and how we use them.
    • Integrate aromatherapy into another allied profession or career. 
    • Understand the appropriate use of essential oils and when to turn to other types of alternative medicine.
    • Apply your knowledge and experience in blending and product formulation.

    Course Dates for 2018

    January 27/28, February 17/18, March 24/25, and April 21/22

    All independent study projects will be due by June 30th, 2018. 

    Aromatherapy Beginner's Course
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    The fee for this course is $1295.

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